Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet


If you have a wide foot and are having difficulty finding comfortable ski boots, here is a list of the top wide-lasting ski boots. This list was hand-picked for its ability to combine wide last widths with exceptional performance.

There are other wide boots available in the beginner to the intermediate category, but these are the best wide boots for improving your skiing.

While more research will help you understand the dimensions of your feet. These are the best wide-fitting ski boots that will allow you to improve your skiing to a higher level. When it comes to picking a ski boot, we find that most individuals get it wrong.

So, before you go out and buy one of these ski boots, double-check that you genuinely have a wide foot! Knowing your foot length, width, instep height, and shape will be extremely helpful in making the best decision.

Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Head Advant Edge 75
Best for People New to Skiing
Salomon X Access 80
Best for Beginners ans Specialists
Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S
Most Comfortable
Rossignol Evo 70
Made for Novices
Lange RX 120
Best for Expert Skiers

Head Advant Edge 75 Allride Ski Boots for Wide Feet (Unisex)

The Head Advant Edge 75 is an excellent ski for persons who are new to skiing or ski just sometimes. It includes a sports sole with a rigid plastic frame to regulate the heel. Duo flex is a Hi-top structure that creates bounce to keep you standing more upright when turning.

The four adjustable buckles and the ultra macro ratchet make customizing a breeze. It features a milder flex that makes it more convenient to use.


  • Price: $179.00 - $249.00.
  • Control frame: Bi-injection mould.
  • Hi-Top Tech Shell design: Contact between the leg and the shell gives optimal energy transfer and ski control.
  • Duo-Flex steering technology: Allows for progressive, reactive flex with accurate ski control in all turning phases.
  • Control Frame: A revolutionary profile and two different materials combine for comfort, back support, and energy transmission.
  • Sole: Walkgrip sole compatible.
  • Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet, light buckle.

With a heat gun, the lining may be Thermo-molded to the form and size of your foot. The liner's cushioned aid helps to prevent pressure points.

Based on this, your feet don't become stiff and obstruct blood flow. There's enough area in the toe box for them to wiggle. The boot shell is distinctive, with a power-control design that distinguishes it from similar products on the market shelf. We noticed the hi-top technology used to deliver instant energy to the ski.

The DuoFlex cuff promotes balance and control during turning, resulting in a more progressive and reactive flex and a more comfortable feel. The Hi-Top Tech shell's lever effect and shortened upper cuff make exiting and entering a breeze.

Bi-injected control frame: It allows for complete customization and a strong structure. It also improves rearward support and energy transmission. It has 4 micro-adjustable plastic buckles, one Super-macro ratchet, and one light buckle.

The leg remains more upright and presses against the cuff even when one is turning. Hence, all you need is a five-degree range of pressure to save energy.

Pros: Build quality is excellent, and the design is innovative and energy-efficient.

Cons: You might outgrow it quickly because the design is for beginners and infrequent skiers. Furthermore, these are not cheap.

The Performer Salomon X Access 80 Wide Ski Boots

These wide-footed ski boots are appropriate for both beginners and specialists. The 104mm width, 80 flex, and extra space at the cuff will appeal to wide feet.

It is a comfortable fit for high-volume feet or people who would prefer to ski in Crocs or flip-flops if they could. It's evenly wide everywhere with a touch of connection at the ankles and in the heel pocket.


  • Price: $231.95
  • Fit 104 mm: Accommodates broader and bigger volume feet.
  • Calf adjuster: Has a larger and wider capacity, for all leg shapes.
  • 80 flex: Medium-soft flex, suited for novices and less aggressive skiers.
  • Flex sport+ liner: Designed with flex zones around the calves and ankles for maximum comfort.
  • Twin frame: The twin frame design provides more rebound, flex, and control while also improving responsiveness.
  • Oversized pivot (stance): The riveted oversized pivot enables excellent power transmission between the cuff and the shell.
  • Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable aluminum 3d buckles, choose from three distinct instep buckle settings.
  • Power strap: 360° 35mm power strap.

The plush tongue of the liner provided adequate cushioning for the flex, and while soft, the flex of the X Access 80 didn't collapse and eventually came to a stop.

The amplitude of the shoe can be modified via the calf adjustment to meet your needs. Comfort takes precedence over speed and agility in these thin and light shoes.

The skier can fine-tune the buckle's fit to their liking using the micrometric settings. Deformation zones have been strategically positioned in important regions of the Flex Sport Liner to reduce discomfort and improve comfort. Flexible zones in the foot, calf, and toes for a perfect fit.

The big pivot eliminates any slack between the cuff and the ankle, giving better performance and general wellbeing. Increased lateral stiffness improves control and reaction. It's easy to fit your foot into this boot with a more elastic shell and wristlet.

Due to the increased rigidity of the twin-frame construction, more energy is passed from the skier to the skis. It fits all leg shapes, which is useful if you have little feet but a large calf, and it has a bright and inviting pattern that you'll enjoy looking at.

Pros: The boots have a distinctive design, are extremely comfortable to wear, and are suitable for any leg shape.

Cons: If you look at this boot in comparison to other models, this one has restricted customizing choices.

The Comfortable Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S Wide Ski Boots

They have a flex rating of 100 and are simple to put on and remove. These are great for those with wide feet because they are 102mm wide.

Our mid-range flex Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S ski boot is ideal for enthusiastic skiers with a broader foot who want to grind hours and hours on the snow.


  • Price: $324.95 - $499.99.
  • Fit:  102mm wide last, wide tongue and fluted calf, more space at the front and instep.
  • Memolink: An atomic additive that increases the moldability and flexibility of their plastics.
  • Simple step-in: Step into the binding and into the boots with ease.
  • Size adjuster expansion: 6mm forefoot width and up to 10mm ankle width achieved in minutes, gives full anatomical fit.
  • Memory fit: Advanced heat-fitting technology provides a fully customized shell, cuff, and liner.
  • Flex: 110, this is a stiff flex that provides excellent power and responsiveness.
  • Memory fit 3D silver liner:  Asymmetrical tongue, toe box, collar shape, and high-quality lining elements with asymmetric liner construction.

You won't find a more comfortable boot that gives this level of performance than this one, owing to the pre-shaped Memory Fit 3D Silver Liner. This boot is even more wide-foot friendly thanks to easy step-in and a broad tongue, and it's one of the lightest in the 102mm last class. Tighten and tune with Power Shift, which allows you to dial in your stiffness and change forward lean. It is the type of footwear that will make your adventures a blast. 

A 3m Thinsulate insulating layer provides warmth. The silver liner may be partially thermoset to mold to the contour of your foot at the heel.

It's one of the best ski boots for broad feet since it contains a memory fit shell that can be heated and molded to your feet, resulting in superior performance. You'll feel at ease and confident wearing this boot anywhere on the mountain.

You have wiggle room for your toes because of the calf, cuff, and upper foot design. The boots have a power shift, but it's not as strong as some other Atomic types. Your feet will not become painful in certain areas due to the even support offered by the silver lining.

Pros: The 3m Thinsulate insulation keeps you warm, and the EZ step-in feature makes it easy to get in.

Cons: The silver lining has less heat moldable material than other models.

The Beginners Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots

If you've only ever rented ski boots, it's easy to feel that they're torture devices. The Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots debunk that notion with comfort-focused features that ensure you're constantly smiling on the slopes.

The forgiving flex, wide 104 mm last, and comfortable Custom T4 Liners are a big boost above the rental shop's offerings. Correlating with this, skip the line and get a pair of Rossignol Evo 70, this is worth it!


  • Price: $175.
  • Last: 104 mm allows for a fit on wider feet.
  • Easy entry: A gentler plastic insert shaped over the instep area.
  • Flex: 70 a soft flex pattern for beginners to intermediate skiers.
  • T4 liner foot wrapping: T4 liners foot wrapping for a structured fit.
  • Shell design & materials: Polyolefine cuff, polyolefine shell.
  • Sensor matrix: Unique grid on the top and lower shells.
  • Buckles: 3 micro-adjustable aluminum buckles.
  • Power strap: 35 mm power strap

Made for novices, you might outgrow this one quickly. Wool keeps you warm while remaining lightweight. The wide instep and flexible ankle section provide comfort and warmth. It has a 104mm wide wristband and an extra-wide waistband. People with a medium to wide-leg shape and a medium to wide forefoot are the greatest candidates.

Notably, the toe box and forefoot have softer cushioning, while the heel and ankle have firmer padding. For extra comfort, the OptiSensor lining includes a soft interior. The XL power strap makes closing these all-mountain boots a breeze.

When there is no need for any equipment, the upper buckle is modified to fit your body shape. The boots have a two-piece shock absorber to help with impact absorption.

Pros: The OptiSensor lining's sloped forefoot makes for a more comfortable fit.

Cons: They are, however, intended only for inexperienced skiers who will quickly outgrow them.

The Tradittional Lange RX 120 Ski Boots for Wide Feet

The RX 120 is a traditional all-mountain ski boot from Lange, with high-quality features and performance fit.

This mid-volume boot with a 100-millimeter last width is ideal for skiers with really medium-volume feet who want a traditional downhill boot with a 4-buckle overlap design. 

The RX 120 has a firm feel which helps it ski nicely. Designed for experienced or expert skiers, it allows concentrating on performance.


  • Price: $650.
  • Liner: Dual 3D pro liner.
  • Stance: Natural stance.
  • Power strap: 45mm.
  • Shell design: Polyether cuff / polyether shell, dual core technology.
  • Buckles: 4 aluminum race buckles.
  • Soles: WTR compatible, max grip, replaceable alpine soles.

The RX 120 is a mid-volume performance ski boot. If it fits your foot well, this boot is quite comfortable, but it prioritizes performance. The molding in the liner shapes the boot, and the rigid shell with a thin lining works for downhill skiing. But not comfortable on the lift or in the restaurant.

You get a dual core-shell and dual 3D liner in one bundle with the Lange RX 120.   The dual-core technology's inner core is constructed of softer plastic, while the outside layer is built of harder plastic. Power transfer and foot wrapping are made possible by the 3D liner. A heated lining might help you get a better fit by allowing you to mold the shoe to your foot.

It's also possible to modify the shell on the outside. They are easier to put on and take off since the instep and lower leg are in softer plastic. On all types of mountain terrain, skis with a 120-flex rating offer more control and balance. The RX-specific fit ensures a secure heel lock and footing throughout vigorous skiing. Walking and skiing are a breeze with GripWalk compatibility.

Pros: You may change the exterior shell.

Cons: If you don't plan to ski fiercely, these might not be for you.

A Shopping Guide for Wide Ski Boots

Because there are so many different styles of boots to pick from, finding the most decent and comfortable ski boots for broad feet might be difficult. Mondo Point sizing is used to size ski boots due to its complexities. It's relatively simple once you grasp it. Sizing Mondo Points appears tough at first appearance, but it is simple once you understand it.

Things to consider:

Body Types: While visiting ski slopes, there is something to be stated about the skier subgroup of people that you must determine for yourself. Knowing your body type will reveal the type of skier you are. It's a combination of personal preference for terrain, skill level, and aggression.

There are three main categories from which to pick.

  • Type No. 1: Beginners and careful skiers are more cautious and ski at a slower speed.
  • Type No. 2:  These skiers use variable to moderate pace with typical data release and retention parameters.
  • Type No. 3: These types of skiers are the most aggressive, moving fast on all terrains, including the most difficult or rough.

Flexion: When wearing a flexed boot, flexion refers to how difficult it is to move forward. The resistance in the boot increases as you move your ankle forward. Experience shows that a stiff boot is required for a neutral posture; a soft boot creates muscular fatigue. When you apply pressure on rigid bindings, they will not move, stopping you from getting the most out of your skis.

The stiff flex for women is 90 to 100, whereas the stiff flex for men is 110 to 125. This run is best suited to intermediate to advanced skiers who want a more aggressive skiing style.  The leg's energy gets efficiently transferred from the boot to the ski and back. Because of the additional leverage, taller and heavier skiers may benefit from strong boots. Weight, height, aptitude, foot and ankle dynamics, and personal preference are all elements that determine flexibility.

Size and fit of ski boots: Small sizes are appropriate since a good quality shoe can be stretched or expanded, but not shrunk, by the boot fitter. When buying a pair of boots, consider both the size and the shape of the boot. Measure your foot from the ball of your foot down to the heel bone to determine your boot size.

Men and women have distinct shoe preferences: Men should wear men's ski boots, and women should wear women's ski boots. Because women's heels and ankles are narrower than men's, you should choose a woman's shoe even if you have wide feet. The interior of a woman's boot is thicker than that of a man's to keep her feet warm and cozy.

The Verdict

The Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S is the greatest ski boot for broad feet in general, ranking first on our list. A moldable silver liner in the Memory Fit shell allows for a custom fit. The Powershift flex system allows you to fine-tune the flex for the best ski performance without sacrificing comfort. When picking a ski boot, keep in mind that the shape of the boot is just as crucial as the size.

Do consider your weight, height, age, and skiing style. To help you narrow down your options, think about where you want to spend the most time skiing. Supposing you have broad feet and want to change the boot to fit, look for adjustable and flexible options.

You might be able to locate a boot that is both comfortable and functional if you know what you need. Have a great day on the terrain!

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