Best Ski Gloves For Women


This is the time of year for building snowmen, enjoying hot toddies, and braving the slopes. Whether you ski or snowboard, you know how quickly your hands feel cold when the snow starts to fall. When that happens, you'll want the best women's ski gloves you can find.

What you need to know is what you want. To avoid damp hands, you'll want to have something breathable. Or maybe you just want to ensure your phone is still functional. These are our recommendations of the best women's ski gloves for the job, regardless of your cold-weather choices.

Best Snowshoes for Women
Arc'teryx Fission SV Glove
Best Overall
Black Diamond Mercury Mitt
Best Overall Women's Ski Mitt
Burton Gore-Tex Mitten
Best Value for your Money
Dakine Camino
Best Bargain Glove
Lucent Heated Sensor
Best Heated Gloves

Best Overall Women's Ski Glove: Arc'teryx Fission SV Glove

  • Price:  $200 List
  • Waterproof Material: 84% nylon/16% elastane, Gore-Tex
  • Insulation Type: 200g PrimaLoft Silver and 133g Gold synthetic fibers
  • Palm Material: Goat leather

When it comes to dexterity and warmth, the Arc'teryx Fission SV Glove is unrivaled. It will keep your hands warm while chilling out on the chair lifts early in the morning, thanks to PrimaLoft Silver and Gold insulation that's highly breathable and compressible.

This glove is our preference since it is light and thin, and has a wide range of motion. 

Ideal Warmth

The Fission SV is Arc'teryx's warmest glove and is ranked for "extreme conditions." The warmth comes from high-quality insulation with the ability for the glove to breathe and vent. This makes it ideal for skiing and snowboarding in cold winters. 

Water Resistance

This glove is waterproof, providing outstanding performance while skiing in rainy conditions. Arc'teryx has an external shell called Fortius 1.0. A stretchy and protective Nylon and elastane blend with a density of 160 g/cubic meters.

A DWR coating is applied to the outside to encourage water to bead. A malleable double layer of goat leather is used in the palm and high abrasion areas, providing excellent protection from the elements.

Flexible Mobility

In this regard, the Fission SV excels. Zippers can be unzipped, boots can be unclipped, skins can be put on and taken off, and so on. With a slimmer design that places airy but compact insulation in specific areas of the glove.

The fingers have mobility and agility. Because it's a unisex glove ensure to check out Arc'teryx's sizing guide.


The shell is made of materials that appear to be fairly sturdy, and the seams appear to be flawlessly crafted. The palm and high-wear sections have kevlar seams. The area where you'd grip a pole is fortified with materials that, we assume, will provide improved durability in these high-abrasion zones.

Unique Features

The liner cannot be removed because it is designed as a single glove. It has a carabiner loop on the finger, so it may be clipped to a harness. The one-pull cinches around the medium-length cuff, as well as the simple and removable leashes, are features that every resort skier will appreciate.

Real Value

There's no denying that the best-performing glove is pricey. You won't find any that provides the same level of warmth in a breathable design with such dexterity. With the DWR treatment and leather, this glove should last you for many years provided you take the time to preserve it.

Best Overall Women's Ski Mitt: Black Diamond Mercury Mitt - Women's

  • Price:  $120 List
  • Waterproof Material: BD.dry
  • Insulation Type: 170g PrimaLoft Gold
  • Back of hand: 133g PrimaLoft Gold
  • Palm Material: Goat leather

Consider the BD Mercury Mitt if you find yourself pulling your fingers into your gloves during lift rides. This mitten has Primaloft Gold insulation and a BD dry shell. The large gauntlets and adjustable cuffs are perfect for keeping snow and cold out. But the significant insulation of this mitten compromises dexterity.

Ideal Warmth

This mitt keeps our fingertips toasty all day with 133-170g Primaloft Gold insulation. It delivers an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio in our experience. The fluffy pile provides plenty of room for the hands' heat to be accentuated.

The lightness of the BD dry shell adds to the warmth of the Mercury Mitt. This is crucial for all-day warming. 

Water Resistance

The ability of a glove to withstand rain and other forms of weather is crucial to its long-term performance. The BD dry external shell material is exceptionally water-repellent. Waterproofing is also a feature of the insulated liner.

But the leather components of this glove have to be retreated to improve performance.

Flexible Mobility

The Mercury Mitt has a dexterity flaw. The warm insulation and protection come with consequences. Gripping is more difficult with mittens than with gloves since the fingertip is rounded and well-insulated. It's great for easy jobs like gripping ski poles, though not for more complicated tasks like threading laces.

Strong Durability

This mitten's palm is made of goat leather that has been processed with a DWR finish. The DWR treatment keeps the quality of the fabric and increases its durability. We consider these mittens are exceptionally robust due to their treatment and structure.

Unique Features

The Mercury Mitt, with its long wrist gauntlets, is both comfortable and effective at keeping snow and ice at bay. The inclusion of an adjustable cuff tightens the gauntlet to prevent snow from accumulating within. There is a carabiner loop for hanging them on a harness or bag.

Real Value

Although the Mercury Mitt is pricey, the gloves' quality and leather reinforcing ensure that they will endure a long time. They compete with some high-end, expedition-oriented versions for the everyday skier, but at a fraction of the price.

Best Value for your money: Burton Gore-Tex Mitten - Women's

  • Price:  $75 List
  • Waterproof Material: Dry-Ride Two Layer & Gore-Tex Insert
  • Insulation Type: ThermaCore Synthetic Insulation
  • Palm Material: Leather, Sticky Icy Grip Palm

The Burton Gore-Tex Mitten will wow you in the backcountry and slopes. The smartphone-compatible gloved lining, warmth, and adorable look are all features we admire. It's not the warmest or most durable mitt, but it'll do for most skiers and snowboarders.

Ideal Warmth

On most cold days, this mitten will keep your hands toasty and cozy. The main body of the glove has a fleece layer that wicks moisture away from the hands to keep them dry. In hot weather, the external pocket provides excellent ventilation.

The thumb has a thick layer of insulation on it. The inside glove is a liner glove that provides enough warmth on most winter days. You can text without exposing your bare hands to the cold because the liners are touch-screen compatible.

Water Resistance

This glove is waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex and a Dry-Ride membrane. In warm weather, you can even dig snow holes and get out when the snow melts into the water. So far, its construction appears to be water-resistant, with just minimal care necessary.

Flexible Mobility

We appreciate the dexterity of the mitts. You may remove the shell and use the liners to text, tie your laces, and execute other fine-motor finger chores. It is remarkably small for a mitten, but it still lets you do things you couldn't do with a thicker mitt or glove.

Strong Durability

We've seen very little wear and tear so far. The Gore-Tex fabric and leather palm appear to be solid. We'll learn more as time passes and usage varies across the seasons.

However, as far as we can tell, this mitten appears to be long-lasting and requires little maintenance—perhaps little waterproofing on the leather every season, but that may be plenty.

Unique Features

This mitt contains everything you need for almost any winter outdoor pursuit. The liners are smartphone compatible, allowing you to text, call, or simply surf social media when riding the lifts this winter.

Due to the double-glove structure, you can wear the liners or the shell individually. It has a one-pull adjustable gauntlet that can be adjusted to keep the wind out or allow for breathability.

Real Value

This is a high-value mitten.  It is reasonably priced, well designed, and outperforms our estimates for the cost. Its versatility, which allows it to be used in both the backcountry and the resort, has been praised. It also comes in several stunning looks to suit any lady's personal style.

Best Bargain Glove: Dakine Camino

  • Price:  $50 List
  • Waterproof Material: Nylon Shell (black part), Hoxton (75% nylon, 25% polyester) DWR treatment, Leather palm (water-resistant)
  • Insulation Type: 110/350g high loft synthetic
  • Palm Material: Goat Leather

Warmth and breathability combine in the Dakine Camino gloves, making them ideal for cold days. The weather-resistant nylon-leather shell can withstand strong winds and snowstorms.

The glove's thinner structure provides sufficient dexterity to help zip up your zippers, clip and tie your boots, and stay toasty. Its low cost is ideal for people who want to save money for the after-party.

Ideal Warmth

This isn't the warmest glove option available, but it performed admirably in temperatures that hovered around freezing. It's made of 100 percent polyester insulation, weighs 350 grams in the back and 150 grams in the front.

It includes a removable lining, which is a very thin glove that provides a little extra insulation when the temps drop.

Water Resistance

It performs admirably, with water beading on the cloth and rain wicking away. Still, it isn't the best performer but gets the job done on the slopes. It's not our first option for really wet conditions, but it's ideal for dry temperatures like those found in Colorado.

Flexible Mobility

It has an included liner due to which dexterity reduces as it becomes a little thicker. On the whole though, the Camino is good to transition your skis, zip up your jacket and buckle your boots.

Strong Durability

The quality of this glove appears to be on the lower end of the scale, which is understandable considering the price. The seam stitching is good, but there's reason to believe the construction isn't as good as other gloves we examined. However, both goatskin leather and nylon are extremely durable materials.

Unique Features

The Camino isn't completely equipped, but it contains everything you'll want from a resort glove. It's made with a double-glove structure, so you may wear it with or without the included liner. The liner is simply a very thin glove, it’s neither waterproof nor insulative.

Real Value

While this glove isn't the greatest of the best, it is the most cost-effective among them. Because of its comfortable fit and dexterous nature. Our Best Buy Honor goes to this multipurpose glove because of its exceptional value. Other choices with stronger weather protection are available, but they are more expensive.

Best Heated Gloves: Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Sensor

  • Price:  $359 List
  • Double or Single Glove: Single
  • Gaunlet or Cuff? : Gauntlet
  • Palm Material: Goat leather

These Gloves from Outdoor Research are warm, weather-resistant tools. They feature battery power that warms the fingers and a Gore-Tex membrane. Unlike other battery-heated gloves, these have some dexterity. They work effectively and are warm.

Adequate Warmth

The Outdoor Research Lucent has an advantage over the competitors because of its battery-powered warmth. With the provided charger port and cord, a dual-cell lithium-ion battery charges in roughly two hours and fits into a pocket on the inside wrist panel.

The hands may be kept warm for up to two hours on the highest level, while the lowest setting provides a pleasant baseline of warmth for the entire ski day.

Flexible Mobility

With enough dexterity for most jobs on the ski hill, the Lucent is a refreshing break from the norm. With these gloves, we can grasp minuscule zipper pulls, tighten the buckles on our helmets and boots, and even whip out a phone.

Water Resistance

The OR Lucent keeps the weather at bay with a Gore-Tex lining and securely sewn seams.  Although the palm leather and reinforcements may eventually wear down and become more absorbent, the shell fabric does an excellent job of beading all liquid water off of the glove.

Strong Durability

The palm and fingers of the Lucent are fashioned of tough leather, with synthetic reinforcing patches running over much of the palm. The thumb pad is one of the first places to wear thin in our experience, and there is no reinforcement here, possibly to preserve dexterity. 

Unique Features

The Lucent Heated Sensor Glove from Outdoor Research has a wrist gauntlet that protects the glove sealed against the elements. The keeper straps prevent the glove from getting misplaced while riding the chairlift or using the parking lot shuttle bus.

Real Value

These gloves aren't inexpensive, but they're less expensive than other flagship heated glove models. Even when the batteries aren't filled, the Lucent operates admirably. They appear constructed to last to preserve your purchase.

Best Ski Gloves: What we Considered in 2022

Here are some essential factors we considered when looking for the best ski gloves to will meet your needs this ski season.

Real Value

A popular choice is the Burton Gore-Tex Mitten. It is a considerably higher-quality product, although being slightly more expensive than the others.

The Dakine Camino is also one of the more affordable alternatives. Its breathability also impresses us, making it suitable for usage in the outdoors. We believe it is quite valuable.


Mittens: The Black Diamond Mercury Mitt is loaded with 323g of PrimaLoft Gold and is also quite warm when it comes to warmth. The Burton Gore-Tex Mitten is a more lightweight choice that still keeps you toasty. 

Gloves: The Gordini Gore-Tex Down III and Arc'teryx Fission SV are the warmest ski gloves thus far. Although the Dakine Camino features a detachable lining, it is not designed for extreme cold. It contains a lighter, more breathable structure that works well in the outdoors.

Water Resistance

Mittens: Mercury, the Black Diamond Mitt offers perfect water resistance on the ski slope. The waterproof Pertex shield and Goretex provide all the water protection you'll want on the climb.

Gloves: The Arc'teryx Fission SV is fantastic. The Fission is lighter, thanks to Arc'teryx's Fortius 1.0 (nylon and elastane) material.


Gloves: The Arc'teryx Fission SV offers the best performance. Similar to the Burton Deluxe, the Dakine Camino is a thicker glove with less insulation in the fingers, allowing for more movement. 

Mittens: mittens have a limited range of motion. The Burton Gore-Tex Mitten shows surprising dexterity.


It is Arc'teryx Fission SV and Black Diamond Mercury Mitt with their goatskin outers that have the most durable shells. Those with Gore-Tex as part of the exterior construction are likewise quite tough.

The Arc'teryx Fission glove has shown to be extremely robust, performing admirably even after several years of use.


We also take into account features such as removable leashes, snot wipes, small google wipers, and more.

  • Nose and Goggle Wipe: The Burton Gore-Tex Mitten, Black Diamond Mercury Mitt, and Dakine Camino all come with a nose and goggle wipe.
  • Leashes: Except for the Black Diamond Mercury Mitt, all of the gloves in this review included this option.
  • Pocket for Handwarmers: Burton Gore-tex Mitten and Dakine Camino are two products that use it.
  • Cuff Cinch and Release: This functionality is present in all of the items we've reviewed.
  • Carabiner Loops:  Arc'teryx Fission Glove and Black Diamond Mercury Mitt are two products that have it.
  • Compatibility with touch screens: The Burton Gore-Tex Mitten and the Dakine Camino are two examples of this feature.

The Bottom Line

Every skier should have a good pair of gloves. A beautiful day of skiing can be ruined if your fingers become cold. Every choice on this list will deliver excellent results and comes highly recommended.

We put each glove and mitt through its paces in terms of warmth, water resistance, dexterity, durability, and features to help you discover the right one for you.

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