Instructor Qualifications

Dan L Adams

Jackson, WY

(307) 699-0690 (Hm)

AIARE Qualifications:

Level 1 Course Leader

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Dan Adams
41 years old
Born in Jackson, Wyoming
Currently live in Alpine,WY
Riding for 21 years

I got into snowmobiling as a necessity to access the backcountry to ride snowboards. I grew up snowboarding and became pro during my late teen early 20's. Snowmobiling became the winter sport of choice for me primarily because I started riding sleds as comfortable as I could snowboard. Not waiting in lift lines nor rushing to get fresh snow was a freedom that I had never had before. Snowmobiling has been a passion for me ever since I started back in 1996.
My first sled back then was a 1996 Polaris Ultra. So crazy to think how far we've come since those days!
2016 marks my 9th year riding for Polaris Industries. It also is the start of my 8th season at Next Level Riding Clinics.
My riding clinics have been a major component to my career as a backcountry rider. Snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the world travel to NXT LVL to learn from my crew of instructors and I the basic fundamentals of off trail mountain riding. Each and every day we teach a clinic, we emphasize not only how much fun we can have on a snowmobile, but also the dangers we sometimes face and how to be prepared for Mother Nature's ever changing conditions.
My favorite riding area is basically my backyard. I have lived in the Jackson/Alpine area my whole life and think the terrain here is although dangerous at times, the most challenging and rewarding mountains I've been able to ride. Specific details to my "honey holes" are always kept secret to just my core group, but there are a ton of them within less than an hour from my house!!
In closing, backcountry snowmobiling is truly an amazing sport. The snowmobiles we ride today are allowing us to access more and more terrain than ever before. The power of these machines make it possible to climb, sidehill and navigate almost any mountain so with that comes a respect that has to be given to the environment. My advise to the snowmobiler in all of us is to always leave the trailhead prepared and remember this; "Ride safe, ride smart, ride often and ride to ride another day."