Instructor Qualifications

John Morrone

Colorado Mountain club

golden, CO

(970) 734-8125 (Mbl)

AIARE Qualifications:

Level 1 Course Instructor

Other Qualifications:

"Avy 1" class, 1980 (Boulder, co),
Avy 2 class, 2009 (Markus Beck instr., Colorado),
ski touring leadership class, 2003; CAA level 2, apprentice guide leadership class, 2015 (SME Reudi Beglinger, instr.,Durand Chalet, Selkirk mtns)
Avy 1 instructor class,Dec, 2011 Frisco, CO
Observed/ assisted instruction Avy 1 class Jan 2012 (CMC Avy 1 class- David Delamora lead instr).


BC skier since 1977,
BC powder enthuasist while living in steamboat springs (1985-2006, 2012+)
ski mounteering enthusiast since 1995
considerable ski touring and mountaineering background throughout Colorado, with ski tour and mountaineering trips in British Columbia (Selkirks, Whistler BC), Washington State, Eastern Sierras, Switzerland, France and Italy