Instructor Qualifications

Jonathan S Shefftz

Northfield Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol

Amherst, MA

(413) 256-1101 (Wk)

AIARE Qualifications:

Level 1 Course Instructor

Other Qualifications:

American Avalanche Association Governing Board Member (Member Affiliate Representative since 2013)

National Ski Patrol:
• Avalanche Instructor
• Mountain Travel & Rescue Instructor
• Outdoor Emergency Care Technician
• Eastern Division winner of Outstanding Nordic Patroller
• National Silver Merit Star (for National Outstanding Nordic Patroller runner-up)

• PSIA Level 2 Alpine Instructor
• PSIA Level 1 Nordic Instructor
• USSA Level 200 Alpine Race Coach
• Completed Wilderness EMT training module

Finishes in Randonnee Rallies / Ski Mountaineering Races include:
• Berkshire East 1st-’10&’11, 2nd-’09, 3rd-’12,’13,’14
• Breckenridge 13th (out of 36 two-person teams)-’13
• Bretton Woods 1st--’07, 2nd-’05
• Bromley 1st-’11, 3rd-’12&’13
• Burke 7th-’14
• Jay Peak 1st-’08, 3rd-’05&’06
• Mad River Valley 1st-’11&’12, 4th--’06, 5th--’07, 6th--’08&’09
• Magic Mountain 1st-’09&’10, 2nd-’12, 3rd-’13&’14
• Thunderbolt 1st-’11 (both Ascent and Combined Ascent + Descent “King of the Mountain” title)

Personal ski mountaineering experience includes skiing from the summits of the following Pacific Northwest volcano peaks (in ascending order of summit elevations), all unguided:
Scott (i.e., Crater Lake’s highest peak), Bachelor, Jefferson (from only ~9k), St Helens, Middle Sister, Baker- Sherman, South Sister, Lassen, Glacier Peak, Baker- Grant, Hood, Adams, Shastina, Shasta, Rainier


Publications in the American Avalanche Association’s The Avalanche Review:

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Other Publications

• “Avalanche-MTR-Nordic ‘AMN’ Instructor Event,” Ski Patrol Magazine (Vol. 29, No. 2, Winter 2012).
• “Review of Signal Separation Beacons: Ortovox S1 vs. Barryvox Pulse vs. Pieps DSP,” hosted at:
• “Skin to Win: So You Wanna Be a Rando Racer?,” Off-Piste Magazine, January 2009; available at:
• Avalanche Beacon and assorted gear review guest blogs; hosted at: