Instructor Qualifications

Lindsey Clark

Oregon Ski Guides

Bend, OR

(541) 420-6372 (Mbl)

AIARE Qualifications:

Level 1 Course Instructor


Hi, I'm Lindsey Clark: passionate about skiing and teaching the skills necessary to make good decisions in avalanche terrain.

I am currently a Level 1 course instructor, and am working toward getting my course leader status. I am particularly motivated because I am one of two female AIARE course instructor in the state of Oregon, and want to see more women's AIARE courses in our area in the future. For that, we need more women engaged in avalanche education -- as students and instructors.

I am willing to travel this upcoming season for the opportunity to teach AIARE 1 courses. I am very happy to teach women's or mixed-gender courses.

If you need an excellent instructor this year, please be in touch!