Course Detail

Course Type and Name

AIARE Avalanche Rescue

CT25 Mammoth Lakes 3/15/2021


Golden State Guiding

(858) 371-3113

Course location

Mammoth Lakes, CA


Begin: 03/15/2021; End: 03/15/2021



Course Details

The AIARE Companion Rescue course is a 1 day course in the field focusing on equipment use, safety checks, and burial extraction with single or multiple bodies. Upon completion of the Companion Rescue course participants will have the necessary skills to be able to practice on their own to further develop their rescue skills. The AIARE Companion Rescue course is a great refresher for those who have taken the AIARE Level 1 avalanche course or those interested in focusing on rescue skills utilized in the backcountry. Course location is in the Mammoth Lakes region.