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AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Broome Hut at Berthoud Pass 2/26/2021


Colorado Mountain School

(720) 387-8944 (Wk)

Course location

Broome Hut at Berthoud Pass, CO


Begin: 02/26/2021; End: 02/28/2021



Course Details

Learn how to make better decisions in avalanche terrain with Colorado Mountain School, the world's largest and most experienced AIARE provider!

Enjoy learning about avalanche education while staying at the Broome Hut off of Berthoud Pass. This is a great opportunity to learn more about hut skiing.

Price includes the use of a beacon, shovel and probe during the course! Includes Friends of CAIC Trailhead Membership ($35 value)

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