Course Detail

Course Type and Name

AIARE Instructor Continuing Education

Presentation Workshop, Estes Park, 11/7/2019


American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education


Course location

Estes Park, CO


Begin: 11/07/2019; End: 11/07/2019



Course Details

This workshop focuses on crafting tight and concise lessons that meet a clearly stated learning outcome. Learn and practice skills you can apply to your lesson plans and presentations. Centered on Dr. Norman Eng’s new book Presenting, you will read the short informative book and then develop two mini lessons - one presentation and one activity - to present to a small group during the workshop. You will have the opportunity to present at least twice and receive feedback from AIARE Instructor Trainers and workshop your lesson with other course participants. This course requires you to purchase a copy of Presenting prior to the course (in digital or hard copy), read it and develop to mini-lessons prior to the course in order to receive credit for completion.