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AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Vail, Colorado 1/17/2020


Apex Mountain School

(970) 949-9111 (Wk)

Course location

Vail, Colorado, CO


Begin: 01/17/2020; End: 01/19/2020



Course Details

Expand your knowledge and skills through formal avalanche education from one of the longest standing AIARE avalanche education providers.

Topics Include:
Characteristics and types of avalanches
Movement of avalanches
Classifications by size and danger
Mountain snowpack: metamorphose and layering
Avalanche rescue and beacon search techniques
Trip planning and preparation
Identifying/evaluating avalanche terrain
Route finding and travel techniques
Risk management and decision making
Human influences in group dynamics and decision making
Snow pit and snow layer analysis & tests
Identifying red flags

This course takes place in mountainous terrain, at altitude.