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AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Bellingham, Mt. Baker 12/6/2019


American Alpine Institute

(360) 671-1505 (Wk)

Course location

Bellingham, Mt. Baker, WA


Begin: 12/06/2019; End: 12/08/2019



Course Details

Ready to step out of bounds and into the backcountry? Knowing how to judge avalanche conditions, where you should travel and where you shouldn't, and being able to carry out a successful rescue if caught in an avalanche are essential skills that everyone should be aware of and familiar with before stepping under that boundary marker and heading for the backcountry.

On average 37 people are killed each year by avalanches in the United States alone. Almost all of these avalanches are started by the people caught in them. Some basic level or training and knowledge can dramatically increase your margin of safety while traveling in the backcountry.

In this three-day course, we will teach students what to look for in the snow pack, how to test stability, how to read terrain and avoid danger zones, and how to rescue themselves and partners if caught in an avalanche.

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