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Course Type and Name

AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Breckenridge 1/11/2013


Backcountry Babes

5304149753 (Hm)

Course location

Breckenridge, CO


Begin: 01/11/2013; End: 01/13/2013



Course Details

A women-specific course that provides female backcountry skiers a better awareness and knowledge of avalanche safety, how to plan and travel safely in avy terrain, current rescue skills, active communication, and builds your confidence and knowledge to help make you an active part of the backcountry decision-making process.
3-day (24 hr) course (~50% class/50% field time)
Fri: Breckenridge (classroom & rescue)
Sat: Breckenridge (15% class/85% field)/Baldy Mtn
Sun: Breckenridge (15% class/85% field)/Baldy Mtn