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AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Estes Park 3/25/2019


Colorado Mountain School

(720) 387-8944 (Wk)

Course location

Estes Park, CO


Begin: 03/25/2019; End: 03/27/2019



Course Details

The Glide Project provides age-appropriate snow science and avalanche education for youth, with an emphasis on developing personal responsibility, teamwork, and respect for the mountain environment. This program was launched in 2017-18.

What We Do — The Glide Project will underwrite most of the cost for age-appropriate avalanche education and snow science curriculum for youth. We offer AIARE level one classes along with free in school presentations and free beacon basic classes.

Why — Our mountains are as dangerous as they are beautiful, and there is a lack of avalanche education programming for youth in Colorado.

What — The Glide Project will provide a model to teach proper skills for backcountry responsibility by focusing on the process of calculated decision making for safer travel, developing backcountry protocols and tactics to combat peer pressure and other human risk factors, as well as developing techniques for self-rescue and winter survival.

Who — Certified avalanche education instructors dedicated to giving back to our community by providing introductory avalanche certification for youth.

Classes are offered at $300 with a $200 scholarship available for all students. Colorado Mountain School is offering free housing in Estes Park for Glide Project students.