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AIARE Instructor Training

AIARE Instructor Training Aug 7-11, 2018


American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education


Course location

Curacautín, Chile


Begin: 08/07/2018; End: 08/11/2018



Course Details


The AIARE Instructor Training trains aspiring instructors to teach AIARE Awareness, Avalanche Rescue, AIARE 1, and AIARE 2 courses. Participants will learn how to use their backcountry and avalanche professional experience along with their operational risk management skills to meet the learning outcomes of the AIARE curriculum under the supervision of an AIARE Course Leader.

Participants will receive feedback on their risk management in an educational context and instructional skills. Individuals who successfully complete the course and meet AIARE Instructor qualifications will be able to apply for AIARE Instructor status.

Please note that a Pro 1 certificate is required in order apply for AIARE Instructor status. We recognize that this new qualification puts prospective instructors in the middle of a scheduling bind as Pro course offerings are still ramping up to meet demand.

In recognition of this, we will provide provisional instructor status for those who successfully complete the AIARE IT and submit an instructor application. The provisional status becomes full instructor status upon successfully passing the Pro 1 Course or Pro 1 Bridge Exam. Provisional status expires at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Location: Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa Curacautín, Curacautín

For questions please contact Liz Riggs Meder, AIARE Rec Program Director by emailing