Course Detail

Course Type and Name

AIARE Instructor Refresher

Teaching Master Class: Snowpits on Rec Courses


American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education


Course location

Mt. Rainier NP, WA


Begin: 03/12/2018; End: 03/12/2018



Course Details

Ever find yourself lost in the weeds in a snowpit with student questions? Wondering what key points you should focus on to make your teaching more effective? Ever just want to see the difference between what you learn as a professional and what you teach recreational travelers?

Come spend a day in the field to see teaching demonstrations, get the opportunity to practice your teaching craft, and receive feedback. AIARE Instructors taking this course will fulfill their yearly instructor continuing education requirements for the 2018-19 season. The course will meet in Ashford, Washington at 8 am and carpool to the Paradise area of Mt. Rainier NP. Expect to return to Ashford by 5:30 pm.