Course Detail

Course Type and Name

AIARE 2 - Analyzing Snow Stability and Avalanche Hazard

CT2 Stevens Pass - Blewett and/or Mission Ridge 2/17/2018


Northwest Mountain School

(509) 548-5823 (Wk)

Course location

Stevens Pass - Blewett and/or Mission Ridge, WA


Begin: 02/17/2018; End: 02/19/2018



Course Details

3-day course covering 24 hours of combined classroom and field time following the new format for AIARE Level 2 Recreational Avalanche Courses. This course is taught by IFMGA Guides, Ski Area Avalanche Forecasters, and WA DOT Avalanche Forecasters and builds on skills taught in AIARE Level 1. Classroom sessions are at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort near in Leavenworth and field areas include Stevens Pass, Blewett Pass, and/or Mission Ridge depending on snow conditions at time of course. Completion of the AIARE Companion Rescue Course is a prerequisite for participation in the L2 and is offered the day before to facilitate fulfilling this requirement. Call the office at 509.548.5823 to register or visit our web page at: