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AIARE Avalanche Rescue

CT25 Chic Chocs, Quebec 2/17/2018


Acadia Mountain Guides and Climbing School

(207) 866-7562 (Wk)

Course location

Chic Chocs, Quebec, QC


Begin: 02/17/2018; End: 02/17/2018



Course Details

This course is a focused day of rescue practice and learning. This course is being included if you sign up for the AIARE L1 or L2 course that is running concurrently. This course will cover rescue fundamentals, such as survival statistics, survival strategies, and first response tactics. We will take time to demonstrate and then practice transceiver searches, airbag deployment, strategic shoveling, and team rescue response. We will discuss what to carry in the field, recommended training for backcountry travel, and emergency response strategies. This is a great opportunity to learn or hone your avalanche rescue response skills. This course will take place 90% in the field, with 1 hr of classroom.

This course is a pre-requisite for the AIARE L2 course and the Professional Level 1 course.

This course will cover:

Survival statistics
Survival strategies
Transceiver fundamentals
Single beacon search practice
Shoveling methodology
Multiple burial search techniques
Introduction to airbags & other tools
Rescue response drills

#1. Our instructor team is one of the strongest in New England and our
courses reflect that. We were at the table early on when the concept of furthering
public avalanche education was discussed and AIARE was being created. For several
years we were the only climbing school sponsoring AIARE avalanche courses in the
eastern U.S. We ran them at a financial loss, brought avalanche guru Karl Klassen
(canadian IFMGA guide, chief forecaster for the Canadian Avalanche Assoc., and
initial technical director for AIARE) in from western Canada to teach them, and
corralled all our friends to attend just to have enough people to run the course. In
fact, many of the snow rangers working on Mount Washington were participants in
those early courses. Today, times have changed and demand for courses has created
an abundance of courses and providers. While all the courses are good, we believe
ours to be superior and here's why:
Jon Tierney is the longest standing, continuous provider of AIARE avalanche
courses in the east. He first brought avalanche courses to New England as early as
1986 on Katahdin. He began co-instructing with and was mentored by Karl Klassen
in the mid 90's. As an IFMGA guide, Jon along with Marc Chauvin (who we also
highly recommend) are the only certified Ski Mountaineering Guides regularly
teaching avalanche courses in New England. In his lifetime, Jon has spent a lot of
time on snow both as a alpine and ski guide and a climbing ranger and you will
benefit from that experience. Jon is known for making things easy to understand and
his excellent blend of teaching skills that are highly effective with groups. Jon is an
AIARE Level I course leader, Level II Instructor course leader and a graduate of the
Level III professional course.
Al Mandell is a superb, technically precise skier who has coached several
aspiring IFMGA guides on their ski skills in preparation for their ski exams. But
more than that he has a huge passion for skiing that you can't help but become
infected by. He is an engineer so avalanche science makes sense to him and he is
able to share it with participants in a very understandable and excited manner. Al
has completed the AMGA Ski Guides Course, is taking his AMGA Advanced Ski
Mountaineering Course and Aspirant Exam this spring and will pursue the AMGA Ski
Mountaineering Certification the following year. If you take a course with Al, you
will take another. Al is an AIARE Level I course leader, Level II Instructor and a
graduate of the Level III professional course.
Blake Keogh is the newest member of our team but he is no stranger to snow.
A superb skier, Blake has been working with Acadia Mountain Guides for the past
three seasons, co-teaching the vast majority of AIARE Level 1 courses each winter.
Additionally, over the past two years Blake completed his AIARE level 2 and level 3
professional courses, and finished his AIARE ITC1 training. Blake brings his own

academic research to each course, having completed his graduate thesis on
preemptive decision-making in avalanche terrain. Blake is a firm believer that how
we interpret information from the environment is just as important as our methods
of collecting that data. When Blake isn’t teaching AIARE courses he is in the
mountains pursuing his own ski mountaineering goals both in New England and
throughout the west. Blake is a board member of the White Mountain Avalanche
Education Fund and an ambassador for DPS Skis, Rime Elements, Terrain Gym, and
Allspeed Cyclery and Snow.
Occasionally we are joined by IFMGA guides Silas Rossi or Marc Chauvin as
well. Both are Level II Course Leaders. Before you just sign up for a course, compare
our instructor team to others out there. When you do, the choice will be easy.
#2. Each participant on an AMGCS avalanche course will be loaned a beacon,
probe and shovel. Additionally each group of four will be provided a group snow
study kit. Of course, if you have your own we encourage you to use your gear!
#3. At each course we bring a selection of brand new beacons, probes and
shovels along with avalanche packs and snow study tools. Student can try these and
purchase them at a significant discount.
#4. All AMG clients receive 15% off for LIFE at our retail stores and online at