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Course Type and Name

AIARE 2 - Analyzing Snow Stability and Avalanche Hazard

CT2 Red Mountain Pass and Ouray, CO 1/27/2018


Peak Mountain Guides

(970) 325-7342 (Wk)

Course location

Red Mountain Pass and Ouray, CO, CO


Begin: 01/27/2018; End: 01/29/2018



Course Details

*Field time on every day of the course - no classroom burnout!

*Emphasis is placed on decision making in the field.

*Full AIARE Level 2 curriculum with two significant backcountry ski tours.

*Taught by AMGA certified instructors/guides and AIARE course leaders.

*Cost includes Snow, Weather, and Avalanche Guidelines (SWAG) manual; student manual; Companion Rescue Card, and AIARE field book.