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AIARE 2 - Analyzing Snow Stability and Avalanche Hazard

CT2 Breckenridge / Loveland CO-ED 3/31/2017


Backcountry Babes

(415) 729-5046 (Hm)

Course location

Breckenridge / Loveland CO-ED, CO


Begin: 03/31/2017; End: 04/03/2017



Course Details

Join our co-ed Avalanche Level 2! We bring our same values of inclusivity, support, and leadership development to our co-ed classes as our all women's courses. Enjoy a positive learning environment during our 4-day advanced course in avalanche safety evaluation. Become more more proficient and experienced as backcountry traveler and leaders. The course builds on the introductory avalanche hazard management and decision making model introduced in the Level 1. It adds more in-depth snowpack and weather analysis, observational gathering and recording methods, and builds on the evaluation of factors critical to better snow stability assessment. It is an opportunity to advance avalanche knowledge and decision making skills for those who want to become more independent with their own decision-making, snowpack assessment, and leadership skills in the backcountry.