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AIARE 1 - Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

CT1 Wolf Creek Pass / Pagosa Springs 1/11/2013


Wolf Creek Avalanche School

(970) 731-2486 (Wk)

Course location

Wolf Creek Pass / Pagosa Springs, CO


Begin: 01/11/2013; End: 01/13/2013



Course Details

This 3-day course is intended for the introductory student, as a refresher for more experienced backcountry travelers, and for the recreational backcountry leader. The sole prerequisite is the equipment and physical condition to travel in the backcountry on two 3-mile long day tours.

Wolf Creek Pass provides quick, easy, and safe access to large and small avalanche paths. You can observe avalanche terrain from safe locations, creating a perfect environment to learn about avalanches and where they occur. Feeling relaxed and safe allows you to truly absorb your Level 1 experience.

You will learn to recognize avalanche terrain, make "key" observations, understand & use the Avalanche Bulletin to choose terrain, apply route finding & travel techniques, mitigate your 'human' factor, and perform Companion Rescue skills.

Field practice is 15 hours (min) of this 24-hour course, so enjoy a hot springs soak on us!

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